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Studio Tac Creative Girly Accessories To Make in 2 Hours Japanese Leathercraft Book, for Making Leather Charms, Pouches, Coasters, & Straps

Wanting to make something with a softer touch? Then try this truly unique book with original professional designs not often found elsewhere.

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This truly unique leathercraft book from Studio Tac shows you how to make leather accessories with a much softer touch than would be found in other publications at a great price.

Make professionally designed charms, coasters, pouches, straps and more with this unique publication that has detailed pictorial instructions and measured plans.

Add something truly unique to your leathercrafting repertoire and your library with this excellent book.

Table of Contents

  1. Basic tool
  2. Basic technique
  3. Lesson 1. Simple goods
  4. Lesson 2. Pouch and metal fittings
  5. Lesson 3. Leather Flower & Sewing
  6. Folding paper

ISBN 9784883936472

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Manufacturer Studio Tac
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