Craft Sha No.11 Vermilion Red Leathercraft Paint 100ml 3.4oz Water Based Leather Dye Solution, for Dyeing Untreated Vegetable Tanned Leather | Goods Japan

Craft Sha No.11 Vermilion Red Leathercraft Paint 100ml 3.4oz Water Based Leather Dye Solution, for Dyeing Untreated Vegetable Tanned Leather

Use this superb aqueous dye to color your untreated vegetable tanned leather. Craft Sha dyes compliment our range of lacquers and binders. Please note, this dye is not suitable for factory treated leather and should only be used on untreated vegetable tanned leather.

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What you see here is a 100ml (3.4 fluid ounce) bottle of water-based leathercraft dye. For those who are fashion forward, this will make your leather a brilliant shade of scarlet. This aqueous dye is great for purses, belts, or other projects involving untreated vegetable tanned leather. It can even be used to color the edges of your leather.

Simply find a well-ventilated area and clean all dirt or wax from your leatherwork using a mild bleach or oxalic acid (1 teaspoon per pint of water). Then soak a piece of cloth in the dye and rub in a circular motion over your leather, reapplying as much as needed. Other effective dyeing methods include airbrushing or using a standard paint brush. A small sponge or cotton bud saturated in dye is highly recommended for the edge of the leather.

Please note that these dyes can only darken your leather further. Application of dyes lighter than your leather will not lighten the color and may, in fact, darken the color of your leather.

For best results, we recommend a leathercraft lacquer and primer binder in addition to dying. This will help to ensure lacquer adhesion, making sure your dye is properly sealed and your leather is protected for a long time.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This dye is specifically for undyed and untreated vegetable tanned leather used in leathercraft. As a result, it may not be suitable for treated leather such as factory produced handbags, table tops, car seats, leather couches, jackets, etc. Many (but not all) of these items have been pre-dyed and treated to resist dyeing and many have a plastic coating that will prevent the absorption of this dye. To test the suitability of this dye on pre-treated leather or chrome tanned leather, thoroughly clean the leather you wish to dye with a suitable cleansing fluid and place a drop of water on the treated area (mild rubbing may be required). If the leather absorbs the water then this dye may be suitable, however, please note that unless your leather is untreated vegetable tanned leather we cannot guarantee the results and recommend you contact the manufacturer of your item for further details. We recommend you always test this dye first on a small patch of leather before committing to an entire project if you are unsure your leather is suitable.

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