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Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft Edge Beader 1mm, 1.5mm, & 2mm Single Line Creaser, with Ebony Handle, for Leather Edge Beading

With this high-quality leather tool, you can create expertly beaded edges with convex creases in your leather. This ensures that the fibers of your leathercraft are securely placed and give it a distinct appearance.

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Make expertly beaded edges in your leather, with convex creases, with this quality FLINT leather tool. This ensures the fibres of your leathercraft are firmly seated and ensures a unique look. Available in 1.0mm, 1.5mm and 2.0mm widths. Please note: Each sold separately, this listing is for a single beader in the size of your choice.

This beader is an improvement over the simple edger creaser by shaping the leather between the edge and crease with a stylish and elegant convex ridge that will set your leatherwork apart from the rest. While this tool is designed for edge beading, it is also suitable for certain carvings where a broad ridge is desired, especially the 2.0mm tool. Collect them all today!

Hand forged from quality high-nickle, high-chromium 304 stainless steel, the blade of this tool has excellent corrosion proof qualities, but has also been selected as it will not deform when heated. Constructed by expert craftsmen, the blade is deeply seated in the handle that is made from quality ebony hard wood and held in place by a machined brass ferrule.

To use this Craft Sha FLINT Leathercraft 1.0mm-2.0mm Single Line Leather Edge Creaser Beader, simply firmly hold your leather on a flat, hard surface. Hold the edge beader so the thicker end of the beader's blade hangs snugly over the edge of the leather, while the thinner blade is where the desired crease line should be, before pressing down and running back and forth along the leather. Ensure a steady and firm grip to prevent slippage that may result in unwanted creases. For best results, heat the blade under a gentle flame until hot to the touch, but not enough to injure or sear your leather, before use.

FLINT tools are commissioned and designed by Craft Sha of Japan, to be the finest leathercraft tools on the market today, each tool is inspected and tested by Craft Sha to be of superior workmanship and materials to bear the FLINT name. Hand made in China by commissioned and skilled artisans, these tools are of excellent quality. Often copied, but never replicated, ensure your quality tools are genuine FLINT tools.

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