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Craft Sha FLINT 6mm Flat French Edge Tool Left/Right Bladed Leathercraft Edger

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We are excited to have available a premium line of Craft Sha's Flint Leather Tool French Edgers in 6mm. The knives are hand-made and processed with the utmost attention to detail. 

The French Edger has a multitude of uses. The long, flat surface of the tool makes it ideal for making smooth flat bevels along the edge of the leather, it also acts as a skiver to reduce leather thicknesses in certain areas, particularly diagonally along the edges of thick leather. But what sets this tool apart from other French Edgers is the unique cutting edge on the left or right side of the blade (depending on which you select). This additional cutting edge, that mates, 90 degrees with the main blade allows this tool to square channels along the side of leather, allowing you to cut a step in the leather. This additional benefit allows leather to be glued and stitched together in a seamless step joint, or matched with a thinner leather in ways that are simply not possible without this tool.

In addition to the versatility of this tool, the outstanding quality of this French Edger can be immediately seen and felt when handling and using the knife. The blade is made of high quality D2 stainless steel.  D2 steel is an air hardening, high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel with a hardness in the 55-62 HRC range. D2 steel has a high chromium content meaning it won't rust or corrode under normal use while maintaining a superb edge retention. The handle is crafted with beautiful ebony wood and has a very ergonomic shape for comfortable skiving.  

Please note that the background grid is in square millimetres. This listing is for a single tool of your choice, available in both left handed and right handed leathercraft artisans of any experience. 

Designed and commissioned by Craft Sha of Japan, only the finest tools are permitted to carry the FLINT brand. Each tool is made from the finest quality materials and held to the highest Japanese  precision workmanship, standards and tolerances, in order to ensure years of faithful performance. Widely copied, but never replicated, insist on only the FLINT brand when selecting the finest leathercraft tools.

Commissioned and designed by Craft Sha of Japan, for the Japan market, in China by artisan tool makers.

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