Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft 30mm Skiving Knife Curved Utility Blade for Leather |

Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft 30mm Skiving Knife Curved Utility Blade for Leather

This sharp Flint leather knife is made in Japan by Craft Sha from quality materials, and works best for skiving, cutting leather patterns with intricate turns, and making amazing cuts to leathercrafts. It is also available in diagonal curved or oblique shape skiving knife.

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This Japanese leather skiving knife with curved blade or edge is manufactured by Craft Sha from quality materials. Made with SK5 high carbon steel, this tool's sharp and thin blade, and wide bevel, this leather skiving knife is best for skiving with intricate turns, as well as shaving off leather to make it thinner.

This Flint leather knife is so light making it easier to use for long hours of leather crafting. In addition, you can easily manage and control this leather skiving knife, so you can efficiently trim leather. It is surely a great addition to your leathercraft toolkit.

To skive leather, position the leather flesh side up. The edge you wish to skive should be facing away from you and should be put on a hard surface. Hold the knife with the bevel facing upwards and the edge of the blade facing in the same direction of the edge of the leather, or at a slight angle as preferred. Then, cut the leather outwards or across from where you would like to skive.

This Craft Sha Flint leather skiving knife is approximately 180mm long. It is also available in leather skiving knife in diagonal curved variant.

Note: Keep it dry to retain its sharpness and store it a manner that will prevent the cutting edge from contacting hard surfaces.

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1 piece
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