Craft Sha Leather Pricking Iron Leathercraft Diamond Stitching Chisel 10x2.5mm

Great for large leathercraft projects, this excellent, high quality ten prong pricking iron will punch stitch holes in your leather with ease quickly, cleanly and efficiently for many years to come.

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Great for large leathercraft projects, this excellent quality, Japanese, professional ten prong pricking iron will punch stitch holes in your leather with ease quickly, cleanly and efficiently for many years to come. Get it today and see why Craft Sha is deserving of the great reputation it has in making some of the best leathercraft tools out there today.

Great for saddles, saddle bags, wallets, cases messenger bags, and large handbags. This pricking iron is available in one, two, four, six and ten prongs (sold separately).

Please note, the prongs on this tool are highly tempered, which makes them very hard, but somewhat brittle, so that overstressed prongs would break off, rather than bend. This is by design, as bent prongs of lower quality pricking irons deform more easily, not only ruining the tool, but also have the potential to ruin your leatherwork by producing permanent uneven stitch holes if undetected. The highly tempered prongs of this quality tool have a dual purpose: To protect your leatherwork from uneven stitching by having the prong break, rather than bend, when overstressed. Safeguarding you from uneven stitching of a bent tool, while giving longer lasting points that require less sharpening and greater penetrating power. This dual feature is of great benefit as it gives you peace of mind, knowing there is no chance of even a single uneven hole to ruin the leather masterpiece you've spent many hours working on.

Please note, the professional nature of this tool means it requires special care. Always use a soft headed hammer (never metal) and tap it into your leather work gently, when removing, always pull it out of your leatherwork straight, never shift it side to side to loosen it or this could break the prongs. Avoid using leather that is so thick it makes removal difficult. If you work with leather that is thick enough to make removal difficult then a wider pricking iron is recommended. Please store this tool away from other tools or hard objects, do not drop this tool or strike on a hard surface.

The size of this tool is compatible with other 2.5mm Craft Sha pricking irons, and in similar is size to the 5mm Seiwa / Kyoshin Elle Stitching Punches and nippers.

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