Craft Sha Leathercraft Tool Adjustable Black 11mm Pro Special M Swivel Knife |

Craft Sha Leathercraft Tool Adjustable Black 11mm Pro Special M Swivel Knife

This premium swivel knife features a high-quality ball bearing beneath the finger cup for simple and smooth knife control when cutting your leather.

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This well-designed Craft Sha special type Japanese leather swivel knife is ideal for smooth leather carving. The knurled body of this tool provides excellent gripping capabilities, and the grip is intended to fit your fingertips comfortably. Available in black, which is the KS series color, and brass, which has a natural brass texture (each sold separately). Since the rotating section contains ball bearings, it gives you the ultimate in smooth movement. This tool's finger cup enables smooth carving and can be adjusted with a single screw.

Repeated testing of this tool by expert carvers ensures the proper depth and control. Craft Sha's KS series of tools are designed for utility and accuracy. This line consists of the best-grade tools produced by their own manufacturing. The concept behind this is to produce "tools that fit in everyone's hands," and they were created in response to user feedback. Simply release the grub screw with the Allen Key, elevate or lower the finger cup as needed, then re-tighten the grub screw to adjust the length.

Available sizes and models (each sold separately):

  • Pro Special M (11mm)
  • Pro Special Brass M (11mm)
  • Pro Special S (9.5mm)
  • Pro Special Brass S (9.5mm)

Please note this swivel knife does not come with a blade. The blade for this swivel knife is sold separately.

This listing is for the Pro Special M (11mm) only. Photos showing other objects are for illustrative purposes only.

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Manufacturing country Japan
1 piece
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