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Gisuke Japanese Wood Cutting Tool 18cm Dual Edged Serrated Ryoba Saw, with Replaceable Steel Blade & Synthetic Handle, for Woodworking

This mini saw is great for when space is an issue and you need a convenient sized saw for smaller wood cutting tasks. Blade is removable.

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This compact double edged serrated saw is excellent for wood, plasterboard (drywall), gardening, branch removal or anywhere else a short blade is needed. The blade is fully removable from the non-slip synthetic handle and can be replaced when needed, additional blades sold separately.

Quality made in Japan this excellent tool is the perfect addition to your workshop. The background grid in the picture is in square millimeters.

Approximate specifications:

  • Blade length: 18cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.5mm
  • Overall length: 31cm
  • Teeth depth, coarse edge: 4mm
  • Teeth depth, fine edge: 3mm
  • Distance between teeth, coarse edge: 3.5mm
  • Distance between teeth, fine edge: 1.5mm

Item ID 20283
Condition New
Manufacturer Gisuke
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 350 g