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Studio Tac Leather Braiding & Lacing Japanese Leathercraft Instructional Book

This book explains in detail how to braid and lace leather, including basic braids, 4 and 5 flat lacing, as well as 4 circular lacing, 6 and 8 circular lacing methods.

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Under the supervision of Mr. Fujikura, this excellent Japanese leathercraft book will teach you all you need to know to accomplish great Japanese beginner to advance braiding and lacing. This book explains in detail how to lace and braid leather lace with details photographs and Japanese instructions.

This book is an expanded and revised version that additionally includes a coin case made by the Mexican basket weave technique in addition to all other projects.

Table of Contents

Materials and basic tools
Practical techniques

Flat knitting

  • 6 flat knitting
  • 5 flat knitting,
  • 4 flat knitting
  • 3 knitting

Trick knitting

  • 4 circular knitting
  • 4 circular knitting 1 
  • 4 circular knitting 2
  • 6 circular knitting
  • 8 Honmaru knitting

Item example 1

  • Single loop overhang
  • Double loop overhang
  • Triple loop overlock
  • Spain overhang

Item example 2
Square blade & spiral twist blade

  • Square blade
  • Spiral twist blade Applique
  • Applique 1
  • Applique 2
  • Applique 3

Slit blade

  • Slit blade 1
  • Lit blade 2

Flat knit applique

  • 3 flat knit applique
  • 5 flat Knitting appliqué

Item example 3
Item production

  • Coin case
  • Writer case
  • Key case

Item example 4

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Additional information:
Pages: 152 pages
Size: 210 x 182 mm
ISBN: 978-4-88393-850-6

Please note, this book is in Japanese. However, has detailed pictorial guides and so is easy to follow without understanding Japanese.

ISBN 9784883938506

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Condition New
Model 978-4-88393-850-6
Manufacturer Studio Tac
Manufacturing country Japan
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