Kishiduka Kikai Technical Art Warehouse Leather & Wood Stain Wax Dark Gray 200g |

Kishiduka Kikai Technical Art Warehouse Leather & Wood Stain Wax Dark Gray 200g

Kishiduka Kikai's Water-Based Stain Color Wax is a finishing material used for wood and leather crafts. Comes in a variety of colors to choose from, which makes your work beautiful and protected at the same time.

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Give your wood and leather crafts a colorful touch with this Technical Art Warehouse Leather & Wood Stain. It is a water based leather and wood stain that dries quickly and does not produce dangerous fumes.

Leather and wood stain protects the grain, which is vulnerable to moisture. It also enhances the wood and leather works natural look, while giving your wood or leather a colourful stained appearance. Because it is water based, using soap and water are the only things you need to clean the working space.

Approximate Weight & Product Data:

• Paraffin Wax
• Alcohol
• Water
• Emulsifier
• Preservative
• Weight - 200g
• Coating Area - 6 meter square for 1 coat (for approx. 3 folds)

Other Colors (Sold Separately):

• Red
• Red Brown
• Orange
• Brown
• Olive
• Yellow
• Green
• Blue

To use this water-based color wax, make sure to sand the wood or clean your leather to make the surface smooth and accessible, before applying the wax. Then put a tiny amount of wax on a cloth. Apply the wax in a circular motion while working with the grain. If you apply thick amounts of wax, it will dry unevenly. Let the wax harden for a few minutes then wipe it with a cloth. You can repeat the process to achieve the desired and best possible finish.

Please note: Wear gloves when applying this product. Keep out of the reach of children.

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