Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Extra Fine 1mm Thin Blade for Leather Swivel Knife

You're looking at a brand new leathercraft extra fine leather blade for swivel knife. Made from high quality steel, best sharpness & thin blade. Compatible with Swivel Knife Regular & PRO Swivel Knife series.

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This extra fine leather blade for leathercraft swivel knives is made from high quality steel and expertly shaped to an extra thin blade for fine leather carving. Compatible with standard swivel knives, this blade is guaranteed to be sharp, straight out of the packaging.

To use, simply loosen the grub screw in your swivel knife barrel, before seating your blade fully into the recess. Once seated, tighten the grub screw to ensure the blade is secure and carve as desired.

The thickness of this blade is a slender 1mm, ensuring the finest cut possible.

As this blade is extremely sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store oiled and in a dry place, without contacting the blade against hard surfaces.

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