Kyoshin Elle Water Leather Softener Leathercraft Easy Carve & Stamping Treatment

Tired of your swivel knife digging into your leathercraft? Try softening is with this leather softening fluid from Kyoshin Elle, simply add a small amount to water before damping your leather with it. What could be easier?

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This 100ml (3.4 fluid ounces) of Kyoshin Elle Leather Soft carving treatment is perfect for softening your leather prior to carving, ensuring smooth, even cuts are made with your swivel knife and in preparation to stamping and carving.

Simply add one part Leather Soft to one part water, mix and then apply evenly and as needed to your leather with a brush or high-density sponge immediately before carving. It is recommended to use a sparing amount at first and add multiple layers until the optimal amount is reached.

Avoid your swivel knife snagging on your leather or labourious carving sessions on rock hard leather. Ensure your leather carves and stamps cleanly and crisply with this excellent product.

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