Leathercraft Sponge High Density Foam Dauber for Flawless Leather Casing

Tired of uneven dyeing or lacquering with your water based leather dyes and treatments? This excellent, extremely smooth high density foam sponge will give flawless results every time.

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You're looking at an extremely high quality, high density foam dauber that measures 8cm in length, 3cm at the tapered end, 5.3cm at the broad end and is 2cm thick.

Sealed in plastic and factory moistened, this foam dauber is an excellent replacement for brushes and significantly reduces streaking when dyeing, casing or painting on both leather and paper.

Don't risk streaking! Get a smooth application every time!

This dauber should be kept moist and sealed in a clean airtight plastic bag. Should it get dry, the sponge will become extremely stiff. Soak in warm water until completely saturated, do not bend until completely moist all the way through.

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