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Soft Vinyl Board for Leather craft, Safety Cutting Mat 27.5cm x 38cm x 0.6cm

This outstanding clear vinyl cutting board is perfect for ensuring maximum control when using your round knife or Japanese utility knife. Significantly thicker than standard cutting boards, you can embed your knife deeply into this flexible mat without the fear of going through it, loosing control of your knife or damaging the board.

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This semi-transparent vinyl cutting mat is an excellent alternative to thin store-bought craft mats or hard pound boards that mark over time, resulting in damage to your leatherwork.

This thick vinyl mat's soft yet strong flexibility is excellent for cutting leather using a round head knife or traditional Japanese utility knife.

Don't risk personal injury or damaging your leatherwork with slippage that occurs with a standard cutting board, this mat grips your knife and leatherwork firmly, reducing the chance of it coming loose during cutting and doesn't leave rough impact on your leather marks like Poundo Board does.

It's also great for hole punching and, being softer than Poundo board or generic cutting mats, makes for quieter hole punching. Its flexible surface also reduces the chance of cuts or strike marks on your board denting your leatherwork.

This type of mat is extremely popular in Japan, get one today to find out why.

Item ID 20250
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Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 900 g