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Craft Sha KS Series Leathercraft Tool 0.8mm No.1 Deluxe Leather Edge Beveler

Our finest quality edger, this high quality leather tool is made in Japan from the highest quality materials and comes with a sharpener, perfect for bevelling your leather edges. Comes in 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm and 1.4mm cutting edge widths.

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You're looking at a brand new Deluxe Edge Beveller Type No.1. This high precision tool has a cutting edge of precisely 0.8mm and is excellent for smoothing the edge of your leather.

Unlike other edgers, this high quality tool can be sharpened time and again ensuring years of use (comes with a blade sharpener with two different grit paper for sharpening and stropping). Tip: Place your leather, grain side down, over the included sharpening rod and bevel the flesh side on the resulting ridge to gouge a fine crease line in your leather. Great for making flaps and folds!

Ergonomically curved to maximise comfort and efficiency, this tool is treated with rust proofing and is made from steel, not cast metals, and will last years! This high quality tool is an excellent addition to your leather workshop and come in sizes:

  • 0.8mm edger for fine leather (1.3mm / 3oz or less),
  • 1.0mm edger for medium leather (1.3mm - 2.0mm / 3oz - 5oz),
  • 1.2mm edger for thick leather (2.0mm - 3.0mm / 6oz - 8oz),
  • 1.4mm edger for heavy leather (3.0mm / 7oz and thicker),

Please note, this tool is not recommended for very soft leather, especially very soft chrome tanned leather.

Item ID 20054
Condition New
Model 8422-01
Manufacturer Craft Sha
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 150 g