Craft Sha Leather Edge Beveller 1.0mm Leathercraft Edger Tool No.2

Excellent for cleanly bevelling the sharp edges of your leather, this edger tool has a 1.0mm wide blade.

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You're looking at a brand new Edge Beveller No.2. This high precision tool has a cutting edge of precisely 1.0mm and is excellent for smoothing the edge of your leather. Available in two sizes;

  • 0.8mm edger for fine leather (1.3mm / 3oz or less),
  • 1.0mm edger for medium leather (1.3mm - 2.0mm / 3oz - 5oz).

Ergonomically curved to maximise comfort and efficiency, this tool is fully sharpenable and is made from steel, not cast metals, it will last years! This high quality tool is an excellent addition to your leather workshop.

Please note, this tool is not recommended for very soft leather, especially very soft chrome tanned leather.

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