NT Dresser RM-320P Rounded Leather Sander Tool to Roughen Smooth Leather Wood | Goods Japan

NT Cutter RM-320P Japanese Medium Grit RM-Type 25mm Tapered Rounded Dresser Sander Tool, for Finishing Wood & Light Metal Surfaces

This rounded dresser is excellent for sanding down wood or leather, with a surprisingly resilient and rough grain plastic sander, this tool will outlast sandpaper by a significant margin while producing more delicate and precise results.

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Save your time and use this Japanese tool to roughen the leather. Whether you are preparing the leather for gluing or burnishing, this tool can serve both purposes.

What makes this tool superior to other abrasives is its ability to grip the leather. The grit of this tool is very powerful. This feature makes this tool better than sandpaper. There is no need to dispose this tool after using it once.

You can use this tool by washing it a few times. You can choose between rounded as well as flat types of this tool depending on your use.

Item ID 20499
Condition New
Manufacturer NT Cutter
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 90 g