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Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Tool 1.5mm No.5 Round Hole Leather Punch Lacing Nipper, with Brass Anvil & Tempered Blade, for Leatherworking

With this exceptional pair of round hole lacing nippers, you can get consistent, professional results.

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Kyoshin Elle's round hole punch lacing nipper set is ideal for efficiently punching lacing holes in leather while maintaining consistent distances between holes. Great for round corners where a multi hole punch lacing chisel won't create a nice arc of holes and a two hole punch will punch holes much more slowly. These nippers don't create a lot of noise, so they're ideal for situations where a hammer and chisel may make a lot of noise.

This quality, Japan made tool features a brass anvil and high carbon steel, tempered cutting blade with a spacer solidly attached to a quality, spring loaded frame. Made from the highest quality materials, this hole punch nippers will give many years of service and is an excellent addition to your tool set. These nippers will produce a hole 1.5mm in diameter and 3mm in distance from between holes.

Simply place the anvil and hole cutting blade over the area you'd like to punch before squeezing the handles until the leather is cut all the way through, for each subsequent hole, place the spacer through the previous hole to ensure the next hole will be the optimal distance away from the last. Ensure the hole is the correct distance from the edge of the leather before cutting.

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