Seiwa Deluxe Leather Lacing Chisel Leathercraft Punch Tool for Thonging 20mm

This great tool is excellent for all your large slot cutting needs and is also an excellent utility knife. Guaranteed to be sharp straight out of the packaging.

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This outstanding leathercraft tool is excellent for slicing through leather, to cut slots or remove excess trimmings from your leatherwork.

Guaranteed to be sharp straight out the packaging, this chisel will cleanly cut through leather many times before needing sharpening, which can easily be accomplished on any suitable whet stone. This quality tool is made in Japan by Seiwa from high grade, rust proofed steel.

Don't settle for lower quality tools, or a standard draw cutting knife, such as a scalpel, that could easily cut further than you intended. This excellent, purpose made punch is great for ensuring precision results.

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