Seiwa Deluxe Leather Lacing Chisel Leathercraft Punch Tool for Thonging 25mm

Cut fine slots, slits and remove excess leather with this high grade leather Chisel from Seiwa, great for the largest of applications.

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This outstanding leathercraft tool is made from high grade, high carbon steel in Japan by Seiwa, a renown manufacturer of leathercraft tools and supplies. Perfect for slicing through leather, this chisel comes with a blade that is guaranteed to be sharp straight out the packaging.

Great for cutting slots, slits or removing excess leather from your leather work. Don't risk ruining your leather project by cutting more than you intended with a scalpel or box cutting tool, this sharp chisel will produce quality results every time.

Simply place the cutting edge of the tool over the leather you wish to cut, hold in place and strike the rear end with a soft head hammer or mallet firmly until cut.

Easily sharpened on an appropriate, fine grit whet stone, this tool will offer many years of service.


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