Seiwa Deluxe Leather Lacing Chisel Leathercraft Tool for Thonging 12mm

Don't punch your lacing hole! Instead slice into your leather with precision using these professional grade lacing chisels. Each prong is guaranteed to be sharp straight out the packaging so you can cleanly slice lacing holes in your leathercraft without deforming your leather, easy to sharpen and available in 2mm and 3mm sizes.

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You're looking at a brand new Seiwa / Kyoshin Elle lacing chisel that's an excellent way to ensure your lacing is smooth and even. Great for strap cutting and cutting slits in your leather for affixing hardware.

Unlike more cheaper lacing chisels, this hardened steel tool is precision made and guaranteed to be sharp right out of the packaging, slicing a hole through leather, rather than punching one through.

Don't risk leaving an ugly mark embossed around your lacing work hole, get professional results every time with this easy to resharpen, professional grade tool.

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