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Konishi Bond CH18 Leathercraft 180g Water Based Cement Craft Glue Leather & Wood Adhesive, with Nozzle, for Woodworking and Leatherworking

This general purpose adhesive is great for leather, but also perfect for wood, paper or other crafts, comes with a handy nozzle. Dries clear and hard.

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You're looking at 180g (6 fluid ounces) of leather adhesive, the bottle comes with a convenient nozzle. Also great for wood and paper.

This water based adhesive is excellent to bond your leatherwork.

Simply apply to the side of your leather you wish to glue, then press together. Dries clear and hard. Should any excess glue remain on the edges of your leather, gently rub off when slightly dry.

Item ID 20590
Condition New
Manufacturer Craft Sha
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 210 g