[Bundle] Craft Sha Leathercraft 1.4mm 3oz Tan Low Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather, A2-A4 Sizes and 400g Scrap, for Carving, Tooling, and Dyeing | Goods Japan

Craft Sha Leathercraft 1.4mm 3oz Tan Low Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather, A2-A4 Sizes and 400g Scrap, for Carving, Tooling, and Dyeing

This full grain vegetable leather tan low is made in Japan from quality hide. Great for leathercraft, carving, stamping or making wallets, bags or cases.

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This high quality, tan low vegetable tanned leather has been professionally tanned and skived. Tanlow does not have the natural tan color that most other leathers have, allowing it to be dyed with greater freedom compared to traditional, undyed leather.

This leather has been machine cut to the following size:

  • A4 size (210mm by 297mm or 8.2 by 11.7), Similar to US Letter,
  • A3 size (297mm x 420 mm, or 11.7 x 16.5), double the size of A4,
  • A2 size (420mm x 594 mm, 16.5 x 23.4), four times the size of A4,
  • 400g of usable scrap leather,

1.4mm is perfect for wallets, cases, pockets or pouches. Great for tooling or craving as well as dyeing.

Available in various thicknesses and colours. Great if you want to make your leathercraft in multiple colours.

Why pay for large hides or irregularly shaped scraps of leather that that will see large portions go to waste? Why risk getting inconsistent quality?

Our A4 sized (210mm by 297mm - similar in size to US letter paper) full-grain, vegetable tanned leather is made right here in Japan from humanely source cow hide and tanned under the strictest environmental standards to the highest quality. You can be assured that this leather is of the highest quality full-grain leather and will not be stretchy, misshapen, excessively fibrous or brittle.

Buy multiple leather pieces in the thickness and colour you desire for your next project. Our A4 leather cuts are perfect for making:

Type of project Number of A4 leather pieces recommended
Card pockets for wallets & bags 1 piece (8 pockets per A4 piece)
Watch straps, key chains 1 piece (about 3 or more items per A4 piece)
Card case, ID holder, necklace, phone, camera or pencil case 1 piece recommended
Wallets, small case 2~3 pieces recommended
Complex or biker wallet, larger cases or bags 3~4 pieces recommended
Large handbag, patchwork tote bag or messenger bag 5 or more pieces recommended

Source: A4 leather Projects book, Studio Tac

Our leather is guaranteed to be:

  • Genuine vegetable tanned, full-grain leather with no plastic coating,
  • Professionally cut, ensuring clean edges and right angles,
  • Professionally dyed, (where applicable) so your leather won't fade like home dyed leather will,
  • Professionally skived with guaranteed smoothness and thickness of + or - 0.07mm,
  • Of consistent high quality which means you can buy as many as you need and be assured of near identical results,
  • Cut at right angles, ensuring minimal loss and less time spent cutting your leather.


Please note as this leather is a natural product, scars, minor blemishes, slight color unevenness and imprecise cutting of a few millimeters may appear. 400g bag of leather scraps shown is an approximation, appearance and trimming of scraps may vary.

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