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Seiwa Leathercraft Ceramic & Leather Modelling Clay

Need to make a solid component to your leathercraft? Or perhaps you'd like to mould something in clay but don't want the brittleness, then this leather clay is what you've been looking for. Simply shape like clay and allow to air dry, once dry it will maintain a solid shape but won't shatter like clay.

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You're looking at 120 grams (4.2 oz.) of leather clay (jewellery not included). This remarkable clay like substance is made primarily for leather, but has the consistency of clay.

Simply mould to the shape you desire, allow it to dry, paint it and you're ready. Unlike ordinary clay, your designs will have the durability and resilience of leather with the stiffness of clay. This means it won't shatter, break or crack like clay and behaves much like wood or very stiff leather. Once hardened you can paint or decorate it with almost any type of craft paint. Seiwa's Paint Tex is recommended.

Excellent for broaches, buckles, ear rings and many other design ideas. Please note, decorative items are not included, only the silver packet of leather clay is included.

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