Kyoshin Elle Leathercraft Stitching Awl for Sewing Leather Diamond Point Large

Quality made Japanese steel, precision sharpened and tempered, this leathercraft awl will offer you years of service, available in Small, Medium and Large sizes.

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Making stitching holes before sewing is now an easy task: get yourself the Kyoshin Elle Leather Stitching Awl. The tool works seamlessly with other leathercraft tools like the stitching punches and pricking irons.

Made in Japan, the tool is razor sharp, setting it apart in terms of calibre. Awls come in two sizes: 4mm (0.16) and 3mm (0.12). The 4mm Awl’s widest part measures about 5/6mm (0.22).

The leathercraft stitching awl is suitable for items that will undergo rough handling and those that require large stitches and thick thread such as furniture and large storage bags. Note that this listing is for a single leather craft stitching awl for leather diamond point large only. Any other awls shown are purely illustrative.

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