Seiwa Leathercraft Stitching Awl for Sewing Leather Diamond Point Size 3

Produced with high carbon Japanese steel, the extraordinarily sharp and resilient blade of this awl will offer superior results for your leathercraft. Tempered to perfection, ensure each thrust produces the an outstanding stitch hole. Available in sizes 1 (3mm blade), size 2 (4mm blade) and size 3 (5mm-6mm blade).

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You're looking at a brand new Seiwa awl for punching stitch holes in your leather work, great when used with pricking irons and stitching punches (sold separately).

This very sharp and high quality tool is made in Japan and is an excellent addition to your leather workshop. This size 3 awl is 5/6mm (0.22) in width at its widest point. Awls are available in 4mm (0.16) and 3mm (0.12).

This is recommended for large bags, furniture or items that will see rough handling and will require thick thread and large spaces between stitching.

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