Craft Sha Leathercraft Tool Leather Stamp 6mm x 6mm Numerals Number Set

These unique 6mm or _ inch leathercraft stamps are both stylish and expertly made, hard to find elsewhere! Compatible with our 6mm or _ inch alphabet letter stamps.

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You're looking at a brand new Seiwa leathercraft stamp set for numbers 0-9 (please note the 6 and 9 are the same stamp).

This is the first time this font and size of numbers have been made available outside Japan and have a matching Alphabet set also available!

Why stamp your leather with the same old stamps that have been on the market for years? Why pay a fortune for custom stamps? Why buy stamps designed for metal stamping and not designed for leathercraft? Add some personal flare to your stamping with this set.

These numerals are 6mm x 6mm, or 1/4 x 1/4. Perfect for personalizing wallets or other leather gear. This craft tool is an excellent addition to your leather workshop.

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