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Craft Sha Leathercraft Flat Seeder Leather & PMC Stamp 1mm x 6mm A101

This quality, chrome plated stamp is intricately designed and quality made in Japan. Every stamp comes complete with integral, full length handle and is perfect for stamping tooling leather or wet Silver Clay (PMC).

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You're looking at a brand new leathercraft stamp, this craft tool is excellent for your custom work and is an excellent addition to your leather workshop.

This stamp is also great for Silver Clay as well. This stamp is of conventional design with an integral handle.

For Leather: Simply case your vegetable tanned leather lightly with water using a high density foam sponge and wait a few seconds for the water to absorb before stamping your leather by striking the stamp firmly with a soft headed hammer.

For Silver Clay: Swab the stamp head lightly with oil before gently pressing your stamp into wet PMC. Create a powerful impact with this stamp.

Please note, different stamps may have similar names and dimensions in the title, however subtle differences may exist in the shape of the stamp. Please refer to the picture to observe difference between the stamps. The chrome stamp(s) pictured is for illustrative purposes only.

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