Leathercraft Dial Caliper Replacement Leather Thickness Gauge 0.8mm~3.9mm

This thickness gauge is a quick and easy way to accurately measure the thickness of leather, plastic, wood, etc. Measures the thickness of items between 0.8mm~3.9mm.

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Why spend a fortune on expensive dial calipers when you can use this simple thickness gauge to determine the thickness of your leather anywhere from between 0.8mm up to 3.9mm with an accuracy of 0.1mm.

Simply insert your leather into the narrowest gap the gauge will comfortably accommodate to determine the thickness of your leather. The inner series of gaps measure between 0.8mm and 2.3mm wide while the outer series of gaps measure between 2.4mm up to 3.9mm wide.

Great for leather but also perfectly suited to other materials as well such as wood, metal, plastics or paper products.

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