Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft Beveler Tools 0.6mm-1.4mm Leather Edger, with Ebony Handle & Stainless Steel, to Bevel Edges in Leatherwork | Goods Japan

Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft Beveler Tools 0.6mm-1.4mm Leather Edger, with Ebony Handle & Stainless Steel, to Bevel Edges in Leatherwork

These Flint Leather Tool Edgers are made of beautiful and sturdy ebony wood, brass ferrules, and high quality carbon stainless steel.

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Working on even the most delicate of leather projects is never a problem with the Flint series Edger by Craft Sha. These leather edge bevellers are milled to perfection and have an arched design to let you cut cleanly and evenly with all thicknesses of leather.

These edgers are available in the following blade sizes:

  • 0.6mm, Size #0 - For very thin leather, e.g., already skived leather,
  • 0.8mm, Size #1 - For thin leather, e.g., wallets or watch straps,
  • 1.0mm, Size #2 - For medium thickness leather, e.g., handbags or cases,
  • 1.2mm, Size #3 - For thick leather, e.g., messenger bags or large cases,
  • 1.4mm, Size #4 - For very thick leather, e.g., saddles or belts,

The blade of this professional tool is made of high quality D2 stainless steel, meaning it is extremely durable and will last for many years. D2 steel is an air hardening, high-carbon, high-chromium tool steel. It has high wear and abrasion resistant properties and will offer a hardness in the range 55-62 HRC. D2 steel will show little or no distortion once hardened and will be ready for expert honing by our craftsmen, its high chromium content giving it corrosion resisting properties in the hardened condition.  The handle is designed to ensure ease in every use, and boasts an exquisite look by using beautiful ebony, and opulent brass ferrules to add class on this already fantastic equipment. The FLINT series of leather tools from Craft Sha are well known for their high quality and are some of the best edgers available in the market today.

Designed and commissioned by Craft Sha of Japan, only the finest tools are permitted to carry the FLINT brand. Each tool is made from the finest quality materials and held to the highest Japanese  precision workmanship, standards and tolerances, in order to ensure years of faithful performance. Widely copied, but never replicated, insist on only FLINT brand when selecting the finest leathercraft tools.

Please note, this listing is for one edge beveller of your choice. The background grid is in square millimetres. Quality commissioned and designed by Craft Sha, Japan, this tool is made in China for the Japan market.  Like all edgers, this tool is not recommended for very soft leather.

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