Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft Tools Special Edger 0.4mm-3.0mm Leather Edge Bevelers, with Ebony Handle, to Bevel & Round Edges in Leatherwork | Goods Japan

Craft Sha Flint Leathercraft Tools Special Edger 0.4mm-3.0mm Leather Edge Bevelers, with Ebony Handle, to Bevel & Round Edges in Leatherwork

Unquestionably one of the finest and most unique quality FlINT Edge Bevelers, made from Swedish powder steel RWL34, and eBony, with blades in 0.4mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm & 3.0mm.

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Create some of the best leathercraft of your life, with these top-of-the-line tools from FLINT by Craft Sha of Japan. Made with the finest quality RWL34 Swedish Powder Steel, this edge beveler is not only the ultimate in quality and workmanship, but is also made with the finest materials available today.

The curved blade is fashion at the optimal angle to bevel your leather, this tool is also grooved underneath the blade to channel your leather smoothly and expertly, giving your leather a perfectly rounded edge with minimal effort. The long channel will not only ensure a smooth, accurate bevel in your leather, but will also allow you to resharpen this tool multiple times. This will ensure many years of life from this tool, which, unlike other tools is made from RWL34 Swedish Powder Steel, a stainless steel reserved for the highest quality cutting implements and knives, and is renown in Japan for use in the finest of Japanese knives and swords. RWL34 Swedish Powder Steel has a highly homogenous microstructure and evenly distributes carbon content throughout the blade to an exceptionally high degree, giving it excellent edge retention and durability. The ebony handle and machined brass ferrule is ergonomically designed and of the highest quality.

Forged and honed to perfection by expert craftsmen, and quality assured by Craft Sha of Japan, this expert tool is unparalleled in excellence, quality and durability.

Why spend more money and go through the frustration of having to throw away cheaper tools that will bind on and score rifts on your leather work once they wear out as they are designed to? Make a lifetime investment in this quality tool that you will only ever need to buy once, indeed, this is truly a tool to be handed down for generations.

This professional edge beveler is available in four sizes:

  • 0.4mm - Fine cutting edge, excellent for bevelling leather from under 1mm upwards, e.g., wallet pockets, watch straps, small cases, etc
  • 2.0mm - Medium cutting edge, excellent for bevelling leather from 2mm upwards, e.g., Handbags, messenger bags, etc.
  • 2.5mm - Broad cutting edge, excellent for bevelling leather from 2.5mm upwards, e.g., Larger bags, backpacks, etc.
  • 3.0mm - Very broad cutting edge - Excellent for bevelling leather 3mm and upwards, e.g, the edges of boots and shoes, large bags or saddles, etc.

All FLINT tools have been specially designed and commissioned by Craft Sha of Japan, and hand made by skilled artisans. Each FLINT tool is held to the highest standards of quality materials and workmanship. Do not accept imitations and demand genuine FLINT tools that will last a lifetime or more.

Please note, this listing is for a single edge beveller only in the size of your choice, photos with multiple tools are for illustrative purposes only. Photographs with background grids are in square millimetres.

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