Craft Sha FLINT Leathercraft Wooden Ebony Slim Round Leather Slicker & Burnisher

Smooth, burnish and model your leather into a work of beauty, in record time, with this FLINT slim wooden slicker tool by Craft Sha of Japan.

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Smooth, burnish and model your leather into a work of beauty, in record time, with this FLINT slim wooden slicker tool by Craft Sha of Japan.

This sleek, ergonomic tool uses an exotic ebony hardwood to give this hand made tool a more unique characteristic, and more splendid results. The more slimmer girth of this tool makes it easier to smoothen tight clearances for your leatherwork. 

To use, simply apply your favourite burnishing gun (Craft Sha brand burnishing gum recommended) on the flesh side or edges of your vegetable tanned leather, before using this tool to model or burnish until the fibres and roughness have been smoothed over to a glossy finish.

FLINT Leathercraft tools are among the finest leathercraft tools on the market. Quality made in China having been commissioned and designed by Craft Sha for the Japan market, these tools are held to the highest standards of workmanship and quality. Ensure your tools are genuine FLINT tools for best results.

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