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Leatherworking Lobster Oil Stone Sharpening Whet Stone Leathercraft Tool Sharpener, to Sharpen Leather Swivel Knife Blades

This oil stone is specifically designed to sharpen your swivel knife blade with optimal size and grit, best used with our range of oil stone oil. Sold separately.

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This conveniently sized whet stone is specifically designed for sharpening swivel knife blades. Perfect for taking on the road with you, if offers the perfect grit for all kinds of standard swivel knife blades.

This whet stone will give you years of use.

Best used with sharpening oil, specifically designed for oil stones, and a swivel knife guide. For best results strop your blade after sharpening.

Item ID 20841
Condition New
Manufacturer Kyoshin Elle
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 60 g