Leathercraft & Wood Working Safety Skife Knife, Curved Leather Skiver Plane

This boat shaped curved plane is perfect for wood work and leathercraft. Ensure the edges of your leather are precisely shaved and shaped with this tool.

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This Craft Sha plane is not only great for woodworking, but is also a truly unique leather craft plane tool.

This adjustable hand-crafted tool is designed to thin, skive, bevel and cut leather and wood while giving the artisan ultimate control over angle and degree of cutting.

Please note, this plane is mean to be pulled towards the user.

Craft Sha offers three different planes. The Curved sole plane, the flat sole plane and the convex flat sole plane. The flat sole plane is good for flat leather, for example, skiving the grain side of leather, or shaving the straight edges of leather.

The curved sole plane is better for the edges of leather that are curved, or for shaping leather, such as dolls or leather sculptures. The flat soled plane with the convex sole is best for gouging or creating concave gougers, whereas the flat sole plane is best used where straight shaving is required.

The blade, measuring 18mm in width, is made of high quality stainless steel and can be sharpened. Works great on all kinds of wood.

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