Michihamono Japanese HeavyDuty Woodcarving Tool F-1 3mm V Gouge Shortbent Chisel

This strong tool is built for heavy duty carving. Comes with a metal hoop at the end of the handle for maximum control.

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This exemplary woodcarving chisel is made with the utmost quality. Built for heavy duty carving, the bolster and shank are forged from the same piece of top-notch steel to make the tool last a long time. Use this shortbent parting tool to cut deep into the wood and separate two sections. This tool is also an excellent choice for detailing, or creating deep, narrow grooves.

The wooden handle comes with a metal ring at the top. This is to ensure maximum control, and makes approaching the wood from different angles easy. The circular hoop also helps by keeping the end of the handle durable while the mallet strikes it. Quality made in Japan.
(Please note there may be some play in the hoop.)

Approximate measurements:

Handle length: 13cm
Entire length of tool: 23cm

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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