Michihamono Woodcarving Premium Medium 6mm 60° Woodworking V Gouge Parting Tool |

Michihamono Woodcarving Premium Medium 6mm 60° Woodworking V Gouge Parting Tool

This tool has a long, extendible blade that can be adjusted out from the handle after it has been worn down from sharpening far longer than competing tools. Excellent value for money.

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If there is one thing that professionals love is having a powerful wood carving tool like the Michihamono Japanese Wood Carving Tool to help them in woodblock (Mogu Hanga) among other wood carving works. This premium wood carving tool has a long blade in the handle that can be extended after the tool has been ground down due to increased sharpenings, meaning that it can outlast other similar tools by many years.

In buying this professional wood carving tool, you will be sure of gaining excellent value for money.

When looking to adjust the blade, get pliers or something similar to help with removing the bolster from the handle and pivot the top half of the handle using hinge pin until the whole blade and shank has been exposed. Proceed to detach the the blade and shank from the handle by lifting it directly upwards and then sharpen it using a whetstone. You can replace the blade to its original position or move it to a higher position if it has already been ground down by multiple sharpenings. For your blades increments, ensure they are one centimetre apart to reduce having multiple points, which might weaken it. After fitting the blade into place, the handle will provide the friction required to hold the blade in place and therefore, no need for adhesives or lubricants. Always check to see that you do not deform the hook during this process by applying excessive backward pressure directly on the blade. If you deform your hook, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer requesting for a replacement. Take proper care of this tool and watch it perform even with a blade worn-down to the almost two times the original amount when it was purchased. .

Approximate dimensions:

  • Handle length (not including bolster): 9cm
  • Handle width (widest point): 1.5cm
  • Handle width (narrowest point): 1.0cm
  • Bolster length: 1.8cm

The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres.

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Manufacturing country Japan
1 piece
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