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Michihamono Woodcarving Tool Large 12mm Straight Right Skew Angled Woodworking Flat Chisel, with High Speed Steel Blade, for Wood Carving

Carve to your heart's content with this premium wood carving chisel. The blade is accompanied by a long handle, making the tool easy to hold.

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You are looking at an exceptional woodcarving chisel. Michihamono is a well-known woodcarving brand in Japan, and you can see for yourself. This professional tool comes with a long handle that's easy to hold and comfortable to work with.

What makes this tool truly great is the angled bevel. This blade is sharp and ready for action. Use it to cut into hard to reach places or assist with cleaning your work. For an excellent tool that's a great value, look no further than Michihamono. Quality made in Japan.

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres. The handle is approximately 18cm long.

Item ID 19835
Condition New
Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 60 g