Michihamono Japanese Wood Carving Tool 9mm Shallow U Gouge Chisel

Carve to your heart's content with this premium wood carving chisel. The blade is accompanied by a long handle, making the tool easy to hold.

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What you are looking at is a high quality woodcarving chisel. This is a shallow U gouge, which makes it a valuable tool when it comes to cleaning up ridges or edges. This fantastic tool is also great for detail work, or adding soft textures to the wood.

This fantastic tool has a sleek, ergonomically designed handle. The handle is long, but light, which makes it easy to hold. This allows for long periods of carving in comfort. This outstanding tool is a great value for money. Quality made in Japan.

Please note: The background grid in the picture is in square millimetres. The handle is approximately 18cm long.

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