Michihamono Premium Woodcarving Tool Micro 0.5mm Straight Wood Carving U Gouge, with High Speed Steel Blade, to Carve Details in Woodworking | Goods Japan

Michihamono Premium Woodcarving Tool Micro 0.5mm Straight Wood Carving U Gouge, with High Speed Steel Blade, to Carve Details in Woodworking

This woodworking gouge is great for producing extremely thin channels and flutes for decorative purposes such as strands of hair, fur, and feather.

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This woodcarving tool has a precise 0.5mm wide cutting edge, the thinnest blade Michihamono of Japan produced. It is made from high-speed steel, a steel with a high alloy content, which has exceptional hardness and abrasion resistance. The long blade sits deeply in the handle and can be adjusted after decreasing its size from repeated sharpening, extending the tool's life and providing you many years of service. It has a wooden handle made from cherry blossom wood designed to be removed easily to adjust the blade and at the same time holds the blade firmly along with the ferrule when using it to carve wood.

This tool is ideal for carving very fine lines to make detailed designs on your wood. A professional wood carving tool that will be a good investment of your money and will be of great use.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Blade Width: 0.5mm
  • Handle Material: Cherry Blossom Wood
  • Handle Length: 110mm
  • Overall Length: 130mm

To remove the blade, first, remove the bolster using pliers or other similar tools and then open the top half of the handle by using the hinge pin to pivot it, exposing the blade and the shank then pull it upwards to separate it from the handle. Sharpen the blade using appropriate whetstone before returning it in the handle with the hook being in its original place or extending the blade to a higher position if it was worn down. To avoid the tool from weakening, increments to the blade should be done one centimetre apart, limiting the number of anchor points. The use of adhesives or lubricants is not recommended because it can affect the performance of the tool and the handle alone can provide the required friction to keep the blade in its place. Limit the amount of excessive backward pressure that you use on the blade’s front when pushing it backwards to keep the blade from deforming. Contact the manufacturer for a replacement in the case that your hook is damaged. When used with proper care, this tool will provide great performance even after being worn out by almost twice the original length from the first day you bought it.

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

Photos with background grids are measured in millimetres, with each square representing one square millimetre.

Please keep in mind that this quality wood carving tool features an extremely fine, detailed blade that should only be handled with great caution. Please follow the guidelines below to avoid breaking or bending the blade.

  • This tool should not be struck with any object, such as a mallet when cutting wood,
  • Do not attempt to remove large amounts of wood per stroke. Trim or shave only a small amount of wood from your project at a time using multiple small strokes,
  • Do not use this tool to penetrate the wood any more than the thickness of the blade,
  • Never use the blade of this tool as a lever to remove wood,
  • Cutting strokes should be only vertical (i.e., up or down), with minimal pressure applied,
  • Horizontal shearing force, in any axis, should never be applied.

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