Michihamono Whet Stone for Sharpening Wood Carving Tools Coarse & Fine Grit

This ultimate in sharpening solutions is great for all your wood carving tools. Comes in coarse and fine grit and has adjustable positioning blocks for optimum sharpening.

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Looking to sharpen your wood carving tools and knives, but unsure of which whet stone is best for you? Then this outstanding dual grit, diamond whet stone, with adjustable blocks is perfect for all your wood carving sharpening needs. This platform comes with two sizeable whet stones in both coarse and fine grit, conveniently positioned together, as well as removable positioning blocks that can be added or removed to help assist with sharpening your blades at the correct angle.

To use simply dampen the whet stone you wish to use with water or appropriate lubricant, add or remove the positioning blocks to the correct angle of your blade's bevel and run the cutting edge of the blade back and forth across the whet stone until sharp. Sharpen your blade on the coarse grit stone first, before moving onto the fine grit whet stone, make sure to strop your blade on a leather strop to ensure a lasting sharpness.

Great for other small bladed knifes too, such as leathercraft or craft knives.

Approximate Measurements

  • Overall dimensions (not including positioning blocks): Length 27cm x Width 20cm x Depth 2cm
  • Dimensions of actual whet stones: 15cm x 5cm
  • Usable height of grey blocks: 1.5cm
  • Whet stone grits:
    • Coarse: 600 grit
    • Fine: 300 grit

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