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Michihamono Woodcarving Tool 6mm Straight Right Skew Chisel Wood Carving Knife

It has a specialized sharp 6mm cutting edge that is great for precision work and can be used as a wood carving whittling knife and for finishing wood sculptures.

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Carve and clean tight corners and angles of wood sculptures and reliefs with this quality skew wood carving knife, made by Michihamono from Japan. Its extremely sharp cutting edge is forged from high-speed steel, and its slim and smooth handle made from Japanese cherry blossom wood. All this is put together by expert artisans to create a tool that is easy to work with, and feels comfortable when held. The sharpness is guaranteed straight out of the packaging, and will last long before becoming dull.

This tool's unique cutting blade can enter into tight areas of wood sculptures that a normal gouge and chisel cannot access. It can be used for shaping corners and edges of cuts created by a parting tool and can also be used in finishing small holes on a wood carving such as the nose and string holes on Noh masks and other complex parts of wood surface. Available in 9mm size (sold separately).

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Blade Width: 6mm
  • Blade Length: 40mm
  • Handle Material: Cherry Blossom Wood
  • Handle Length: 180mm

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

Photos with background grids are measured in millimetres, with each square representing one square millimetre.

Item ID 21161
Condition New
Model 70202060
Manufacturer Michihamono
Manufacturing country Japan
Weight 90 g