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Michihamono Woodcarving Tool Kit Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Premium Set

This premium set includes everything you'll need to print multiple colored designs using the Japanese technique of woodblock printmaking.

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Start your woodblock printmaking journey with this premium kit from Michihamono, which includes everything you'll need in one compact box at a great price. This kit includes all of the unique equipment you'll need to make vivid prints in the Japanese style of woodblock printing.

Michihamono, a renowned carving tools manufacturer, and Hikosaka Woodblock Studio, a woodblock studio founded by Yuki Hikosaka and Izumi Morito in 2010, collaborated on this premium collection. To convey the beauty of woodblock printing, they also conduct exhibits and woodblock workshops.

The premium set includes a chisel in addition to the basic set's chisel, and the baren has been updated from plastic to bamboo. Take advantage of this opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of woodblock printing.

This set includes:

  • Original text supervised by Hikosaka Woodcut Studio
  • Woody Chisel Flat 12mm
  • Woody Chisel U Gouge 6mm
  • Woody Chisel U Gouge 3mm
  • Woody Chisel V Gouge 3mm
  • Woody Chisel Mark 7.5mm
  • Woody Chisel Round Edge Flat 7.5mm
  • Woody Chisel U Gouge 9mm
  • 2pcs. Nylon Brush
  • Baren (Sumi)
  • 2pcs. Sosaku Hake Brush 15mm
  • 1pc. Tracing Paper A4
  • Non-slip Mat
  • 2pcs. Plastic Tray
  • Paint Set
  • Woodblock (Plywood)
  • 1pc. Carbon Paper A6
  • 5 Sheets of Paper (postcard size)

Please note: Keep out of the reach of children.

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