Mikisyo Power Grip Wood Carving & PMC Parting Tool 60 Degree V Gouge 3mm Knife

Carve wood or PMC clay with ease using this ergonomically shaped parting tool Available with various types of cutting blades.

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Carve wood or your PMC clay with ease using this ergonomically shaped tool. Quality made in Japan, this wood carving chisel comes with a clear silicone cap and is designed to conform to the contours or your hand to provide maximum efficiency and comfort while carving.

This versatile 60 degree V tool is great for carving deep lines in your relief carvings or parting your work as the name would suggest.

The blades are made with laminated steel and hardened for long life, and are razor sharp straight out the packaging. The overall length of the tool is approximately 14.5cm and the blade length is about 3cm. The handles are shaped from Red Beech wood and measure 19mm at its widest point and 10mm at its narrowest.

The handles on these wood carving tools are designed to be held like a pencil for precise control. When more force is needed place the flared handle end in the palm of your free hand and push as desired.

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