NT Dresser S-10P Flat Leather Wood Plastic Sander & Roughener Tool for Smoothing

This flat dresser is excellent for sanding down wood or leather, with a surprisingly resilient and rough grain plastic sander, this tool will outlast sandpaper by a significant margin while producing more delicate and precise results.

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This Japanese made Tool is excellent for roughening your leather in preparation for gluing or for smoothing and sanding down the edges of your leather in preparation for burnishing or sanding your dried Silver Clay.

Specifically designed for working with leather, wood and plastic or ceramics, the surprisingly powerful grit of this tool makes it vastly superior to sandpaper in that it can be washed and used over and over again. Additionally the synthetic material grips your leather in a way that other abrasives just can't.

Abrasive surface can be replaced. English, French, German & Japanese instructions included. Available in both rounded and flat types.

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