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Oka Diamond Hole Punch 4mm 8 Prong Leathercraft Stitch Punch Pricking Iron

For a more efficient and consistent stitch hole punching, use this 8-prong diamond hole punch to quickly and easily add multiple sewing holes at once in your leather.

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This professional 8-prong leather stitch punch from Oka of Japan is ideal for longer stitch lines in your leathercraft projects, and will ensure the stitch holes in your leather are clean and professional looking. The prongs of this tool are highly tempered, as well as individually sharpened and polished, making it an excellent addition to your leathercraft tool collection. This tool also has a knurled handle for improved grip and control when in use.

This eight-pronged stitch punch is ideal for punching holes in your leathercraft creations in a shorter time, especially over long distances, so you can save time and focus more on stitching your leather.

Size (space between tips of prongs):

  • 4mm

Available prong numbers (each sold separately):

  • 1-prong
  • 2-prongs
  • 3-prongs
  • 4-prongs
  • 6-prongs
  • 8-prongs

When punching holes or removing this tool from your leather, keep it perpendicular to your leather and use a soft-headed hammer instead of a metal hammer to avoid damaging the tool. The heavily tempered prongs of this tool have a dual purpose: not only are they extremely strong and ideal for penetration, but they also protect your leatherwork from uneven stitching by breaking, rather than bending, when overstressed. This prevents the pricking iron from creating uneven stitch holes, which can occur with cheaper pricking irons due to undetected bent prongs.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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