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Oka Diamond Hole Punch 6mm 4 Prong Leathercraft Stitch Punch Pricking Iron

This 4-prong leather stitch punch for hand sewing ensures that your leathercraft has professional-looking stitches. Available in various sizes and prong numbers (each sold separately).

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This leather stitch punch by Oka of Japan is a superb leathercraft tool made of high-quality tempered steel with a rust-resistant coating, making it an excellent addition to your leather tools collection. The non-slip handle fits your hand comfortably and allows you to grasp it securely and firmly during use. The prongs of this tool are sharpened individually to ensure that clean, diamond-shaped holes are left on your leather every time.

This four-pronged leather stitch punch can punch multiple holes in a straight line, such as on the edges of leather. The size is etched on the handle's end, making it much easier to select the proper tool for the job.

Size (space between tips of prongs):

  • 6mm

Available prong numbers (each sold separately):

  • 1-prongs
  • 2-prongs
  • 3-prongs
  • 4-prongs
  • 6-prongs

The prongs are heavily tempered to provide maximum hardness, these also have the added benefit of allowing damaged prongs to snap off rather than bend in order to avoid unnoticed bent prongs from permanently ruining your leatherwork. To ensure the longevity of your tool, always use a soft-headed hammer or mallet (never metal) and gently tap it into your leather work. When removing the prongs from your leatherwork, always pull it straight out; never rock it side to side to loosen it, since this might snap the prongs. It is advised that you wax your prongs with a suitable wax on a regular basis to facilitate removal.

Keep out of the reach of children.

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