Oka Ebony Pro Edger Size 1 Leather Edge Beveler Leathercraft Sewing Tool 0.8mm Leather Skiver, with Ebony Handle, for Leatherworking | Goods Japan

Oka Ebony Pro Edger Size 1 Leather Edge Beveler Leathercraft Sewing Tool 0.8mm Leather Skiver, with Ebony Handle, for Leatherworking

This Leather Pro Edger No. 1 is perfect for creating precise and smooth rounded edges of light leather weight and thickness. Available in 0.6mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm, 1.4mm sizes.

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Oka creates top-quality and easy to use leathercraft tools including this Japanese Ebony Pro Edger, which is created from high quality materials. Everything about this tool is of excellent quality, from the blade that is ready to use right out of the packaging, combined with this tool's polished ebony handle, ergonomically designed for maximum control, and it's solid, machined brass ferrule. This tool can help users create leathercraft works for years. Engraved on the shank is the size number to easily differentiate one from the other.

What makes these range of edger tool stand out is that they can be sharpened again and again, ensuring a long life and value for money.

This tool has a blade width of 0.8mm which is ideal for bevelling wallets and other similar thin leather. It can also be used for creating a small detailed design for making leathercraft carvings.

Approximate Dimensions & Product Data:

  • Handle (Ebony)
  • Ferrule (Machined brass)
  • Blade (Steel)
  • Blade Width: 0.8mm

To use this Leather Edger, first, place the leather flat on a workbench. Ensure a firm grip on the handle of the tool with your dominant hand, and put weight on the leather using your other hand to keep it from moving while beveling. For better control of the tool, place your index finger on the shank of the blade. Align the blade on the edge of the leather you will bevel then tilt the handle at about 45 degrees from the workbench. Start running the tool along the edges until you've fully beveled the leather. Repeat the process on the other side to create a rounded bevel.

To sharpen this leather edge beveller simply place a high grit (#1000 or higher) sandpaper over a rod or other implement of sufficient thickness that it will allow the sandpaper to firmly contact the cutting edge of the blade, a 2mm metal rod is recommended. Dampen the sandpaper with mineral oil, place the blade on the sandpaper with the cutting edge facing away from you, press down firmly and pull (don't push) the tool towards you. Repeat until the desired sharpness has been achieved, and strop along a leather surface to ensure a lasting sharpness.

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep away from reach of children.

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