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Oka Reverse Blade Hole Punch 3mm 4 Prong Diamond Point Leather Pricking Iron

This leather stitch punch is similar in form to a conventional diamond hole punch, but with a reversed blade. Punch evenly spaced stitching holes with this quality leathercraft tool.

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With this reversed diamond hole punch from Oka, you can make properly spaced diamond-shaped stitch holes in your leather. This leather stitch punch has been tempered to make it tough and wear-resistant, making it ideal for punching holes in leather. The handle of this tool is non-slip, allowing you to have a firm grasp on it while working. This reversed diamond hole punch is easy to use and is a great addition to your leathercraft tool collection.

This reversed 4-prong leather stitch punch is ideal for swiftly and neatly punching diamond shape holes on the edges of your leather. This tool can also be used to make stitch patterns in leather when combined with a standard diamond hole punch.

Size (space between prongs):

  • 3mm

Available prong numbers (each sold separately):

  • 2-prongs
  • 4-prongs
  • 6-prongs

Please be aware that the prongs are intended to snap rather than bend in order to provide maximum toughness and avoid undiscovered bent prongs from destroying your leatherwork. Always use a soft-headed hammer or mallet (never a metal one) to gently tap this tool into your leather work. When removing the prongs from your leatherwork, always take it straight out of the leatherwork; if you shift it side to side to loosen it, the prongs may snap. It's a good idea to grease your prongs with wax every now and again to make removal easier.

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