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Oka Special Edger No. 0 Japanese Leathercraft Edge Bevelling Skiving Tool 0.6mm

This No. 0 leather edge beveler, with a cutting width of 0.6mm, is ideal for trimming and smoothing the edges of thin leathers.

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This sharp and easy-to-use leathercraft edge beveler was made by Oka, of Japan, using quality materials. Everything about this tool is of high quality, from the blade, which is ready to use straight out of the box, to the tool's strong wood handle, which is ergonomically built for optimum control and comfort when in use. Held in place with a small nail at the end of the handle is a sturdy, machined brass ferrule to ensure a longer life and greater stability for this tool. The size number is engraved on the shank to easily determine the size you need for your work. A jeweler's rouge and sandpaper are included to keep your tool in top working condition.

This leather edge beveler is ideal for removing the lining from zipper slots. It's also useful for trimming excess welts from your leathercraft projects or for very thin leather. Available in different blade widths to trim leather edges of various thicknesses (each sold separately).

This listing includes:

  • Leather Edge Beveler: No. 0 (0.6mm)
  • Jeweller's Rouge
  • Waterproof Sandpaper

Available Sizes (each sold separately)

  • No.0 (0.6mm)
  • No.1 (0.8mm)
  • No.2 (1mm)
  • No.3 (1.2mm)
  • No.4 (1.4mm)
  • No.5 (1.6mm)
  • No.6 (1.8mm)

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

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Model 6007
Manufacturer OKA Tools
Manufacturing country Japan
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