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Oka Special Edger No. 4 Japanese Leathercraft Edge Bevelling Skiving Tool 1.4mm

With a 1.4mm cutting edge, this No.4 leather edge beveler is ideal for trimming the edges of your leather to give it a clean, professional look.

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Trim and round off the edges of your leather projects using this special edger from Oka of Japan, to give them a professional appearance. This tool is made from quality tempered steel that is expertly sharpened and is applied with a rust-proof coating, ensuring this tool will last for many years. The wood handle is ergonomically designed to provide a better grip and keep it slipping from your hands when beveling. A robust, machined brass ferrule, held in place with a nail, ensures increased stability and a longer life for this tool. 

This special edger removes the square edges from your leather, giving your leather projects a smooth, rounded edge finish. You can easily determine the correct size to use for your project as the size number is engraved onto the shank. This tool also comes with a jeweler's rouge and sandpaper to keep your tool always sharp and ready to use. This tool comes in a variety of blade sizes for beveling leather of various thicknesses (each sold separately).

This listing includes:

  • Leather Edge Beveler: No.4 (1.4mm)
  • Jeweller's Rouge
  • Waterproof Sandpaper

Available Sizes (each sold separately)

  • No.0 (0.6mm)
  • No.1 (0.8mm)
  • No.2 (1mm)
  • No.3 (1.2mm)
  • No.4 (1.4mm)
  • No.5 (1.6mm)
  • No.6 (1.8mm)

Please note: The blade edge is sharp, keep out of the reach of children. Store without the blade contacting any hard surface to avoid dulling the cutting edge.

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